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Friday, September 11th, 2020 10:33 AM

Long awaited IP cameras for simplisafe. Where are they?

I want IP cameras for my home.  When is simplisafe going to get rid of these ridiculous plug in cameras and integrate IP cameras so that we can install indoor or outdoor with just cat6 cable and no need for 120v source.  I've been asking about this for years.  It is really unfortunate to spend money on monitoring with simplisafe, and then have to have a totally different system with cameras and a DVR just to be able to install cameras outside your home.



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4 years ago

@jdogthekid great post. It will be three (3) years in January since Chad Laurans announced SS3 and said outdoor cameras would be released....yes, didn't say when but it is going on 3 years....

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4 years ago

My recollection from at least 2 videos where Chad promoted SS3, was everything was going to be supplied by the year's end, with at least two components by 3rd or 4th quarter of that year. (outdoor camera, video doorbell, doorlock, and Homekit).

Wasn't it only one component happened that year?  And another the following fall?  And one other was scrapped, and the outdoor camera has been "under development" for at least 3 years (or more).

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4 years ago

Even if SS comes out with a true outdoor-rated camera, I SERIOUSY doubt it would be a PoE cam. Stringing Ethernet cables and providing PoE is not congruent with "Simply" for the target market.

So, for jdogthekid, carry on with your other system of PoE cams, as I do, because that will NEVER happen with SS.

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2 years ago

So the SimpliSafe cameras connect to WiFi, not to the the base station like the sensors.  And WiFi connections outside the home (through the bricks) is typically not stable.  Camera connections stability is the biggest reason to provide a PoE camera option.

SimpliSafe did finally release a true outdoor camera that is battery powered.  And it is still WiFi connected.

The argument that PoE is not "simple", and thus it goes against their target market, is not a good argument.  A flaky WiFi connection is also not "simple".  Our SimpliSafe doorbell constantly gives the message "Your camera is disconnected from the internet." when trying to view the live feed even though the WiFi access point is 10 feet away through the wall.

Provide the wireless, battery powered cameras to hit the standard "simple" market, but also create a PoE camera for us users with a little more technical ability.  After all, it is us tech savvy who are the main influencer of a brand - people ask our opinion.  Currently I say no to SimpliSafe cameras because the WiFi experience is too flaky.  We need PoE.

It would also be a WAY cheaper and simple product to produce.  No battery, no WiFi chips and antennas.  Just the camera, power module, and ethernet chip.

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@DougOK​ I agree. The project I am working on now cant't justify adding electrical outlets in the celling. We will probably use SS for basic alarm. Maybe 1x cam by each of the 2x doors so we get the better response times. But, for the other 6 cameras we will probably have to go with Lorex, swan, or ReoLink for the PoE cams. it gets more expensive though, because you have to have some component (usually a DVR) to plug the cameras into. Not sure how SS would tackle that.

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