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Friday, December 31st, 2021 5:39 PM

Doorbell camera notifications not coming through, app issue

Is anyone else not getting push notifications on android phones or sporadic notifications? 

So over the last week the push notification for my doorbell camera has been intermittent. Sometimes it will notify me sometimes it won't. Here's the weird part, even when I don't get the push notification there is still a video on the timeline so I know the camera is functioning properly. I know it is not my phone because the same thing happens on my wife's phone. Other cameras have no issues, notifications come through fine. 

Example: Amazon made a delivery, no notification BUT there is a video on the timeline. Thirty minutes later a cat walked up the steps, received a notification. 

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2 years ago

Hi there,

So the events that you describe are all showing up on your timeline, you just aren't getting notifications for them. So that does suggest that the camera itself is working fine. But the app isn't updating like it should.

Have you already tried deleting and reinstalling the app? Of course when prompted, you'll want to allow notifications from the SimpliSafe app. And you might also want to check that notifications aren't being prevented by the OS's scheduling or Do Not Disturb settings.

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Yes I have deleted the app and reinstalled, also hard reset camera by holding button on the back then removing from app and resyncing the camera. I have also now noticed this happening with my other outdoor camera. DND is also off, and all notifications are turned on.

Again this is an sporadic issue where sometimes it sends a push notification and sometimes it won't. At times this can be minutes apart. Example, I'll walk outside and get a push notice, walk back 5 minutes later and nothing.

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