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Friday, April 12th, 2024 9:51 PM

Wake up my camera

I’m reading post from two years ago about the average five seconds or so the camera takes to wake up and record by then I don’t know if somebody tried to open my door or they’re just walking by. I read a lot of positive comments about things improving and unfortunately, it has not. 



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2 months ago

@tracykeach I want to reply correctly, so what camera are we talking about? In general, the SS Connection Check tool is a great place to start, located in the phone app.  All of my cameras, outdoor, doorbell pro and SA cameras are all up and streaming quickly (quicker than 5 seconds) but my enviornment may be different than yours (Internet speed down and up, type of WIFI network etc).  Suggest you contact support to do a review of your situationa nd see if they can improve it, or post more detials here and I and other customers will try and assist too. 

Just wanted to add for outdoor cameras both of mine are AC connected via the official SS kit and with "performance mode" they even are up in 1 or 2 seconds streaming. For your indoor cameras (Simplicam or the new SA cameras, settings will effect speed to, like the privacy shutter.

Hope this helps.

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thank you I have no clue what type of camera I purchased initially. I seen someone walking away from my porch and then I’m pretty sure I heard him try to open my neighbors door. I only caught his flip-flops on camera. Very frustrating to say the least. I get packages delivered all the time and I would never be able to, identify the perpetrator. I do have a huge HughesNet business Wi-Fi Internet connection with no issues. I will contact tech-support as suggested great idea! 



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@tracykeach You can call or chat with support (recommend you call).  I believe you are talking about the doorbell pro, but in case you are not, please note that the Simplicam or Smart Alarm cameras will not work through windows. You need a doorbell camera or the outdoor camera.  Also, satellite connections for WIFI can be an issue.

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1 month ago

Hi @tracykeach, 

If you let me know which type of camera you are experiencing this with, I can help provide additional troubleshooting steps. It sounds to me like you have a camera that's installed outside, so this could be either our Video Doorbell Pro or Outdoor Camera. 

I've added a picture of each camera to this comment to help identify which one you have. The Video Doorbell is on the left, while the Outdoor Camera is on the right. Please let me know which camera this is so I can assist you further!


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