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Monday, July 27th, 2020 1:37 PM

Cameras displaying solid yellow light

I installed my cameras 5 days ago, and they have not changed colors from the solid yellow light. I have reached out to support, but have not received a response back. Any suggestions on how to help would be greatly appreciated.

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4 years ago

I think I'm having a similar problem. I honestly can't tell if it's a solid yellow or solid blue light because it's above the garage (so above my head) but I haven't been able to reach anyone (phone or email) and the camera isn't showing up as one of my devices.

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Yeah, I think the light looks green so I went with the steady yellow because that was the only option. When I go to add it to my devices it asks what color light, and I cannot get past that part. All 3 of my cameras are holding that solid color. It claims it is "booting up or updating" - highly unlikely if it is 5 days later...
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