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Saturday, August 7th, 2021 7:01 PM

Doorbell camera flashing a very slow yellow

I've had my Simplisafe system for about 3 years now, no issues until now. Just recently the doorbell camera stopped working, and is flashing very slowly, about 6 seconds on, 6 seconds off. I don't think this is the normal "flashing yellow" that's associated with network issues.

If I take the camera off the mounting plate and just connect it via mini-USB cable, at the exact same physical location, I can get it to work just fine. So that takes any WIFI issue out of the equation. As soon as I unplug the mini-USB cable and put the camera on the mounting plate, it starts to slow flash and I can't get it back. It also doesn't help that you can't reset it while it's mounted. I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem, and ways to fix it. Can I purchase the mounting plate alone?

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3 years ago

Hey jo99ix,

That actually sounds like the camera is repeatedly trying to reboot, but is failing. Have you already tried a hard reset, by pressing the button on the top for 16 seconds, then reinstalling through the app?

If a reset doesn't work, we might need to have our Support team replace the unit entirely.

- Johnny M.
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