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Sunday, May 17th, 2020 12:38 PM

Camera firmware will not update

I have multiple cameras on my system. When I installed my system in December, each camera updated firmware almost immediately as I recall.  One of the cameras is not used very much, it's for when we go away, so I boxed it up.  

Took it out this past week to check firmware and found the attached cameras were at while this camera was still at  Plugged it in, it works fine, let it sit for 48 hours - but firmware did not update.

I removed it from my system and reinstalled it, scanning the QR code, etc.  Connected and worked fine.  Sat for 1/2 day without updating.  Went to bed, came down in morning and found it with solid blue light.  Camera was disconnected per app.  Unplugged, replugged in 1 min later, camera works fine, firmware still not updated.

I find no way to force an update.  Any suggestions beyond waiting longer?

Edit - I see on the thread about the base station firmware update, there is an issue with camera and doorbell firmware updates going out, so that explains it.  https://simplisafe.com/forum/customer-support-forum/installing-and-using-simplisafe/firmware1_6-april2020
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