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Monday, May 17th, 2021 10:14 PM

Voice Status Not Working


My mom noticed today that when she disarms the system, the voice does not come on saying,  "SimpliSafe off"... The blue light goes off,  but no voice,  just a quick beep?

I logged into the account and noticed a software update is needed.
I am not with her to do this, but is this why she is experiencing the no voice prompts?



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3 years ago

@stacr99 suggest you call support and ask.

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3 years ago

Thank you, we've tried calling for 3 hours,  no one answers.

If someone has a viable response,  I would apreciate it.

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3 years ago

Hi stacr99,

Our first thought is that Voice Prompts might have been disabled in your Base Station's settings. Do you know if your mom (or something else in the house) had changed settings for the system recently?
Though you do also mention that there's a "beep" that happens instead. If that's coming from the Base Station, there might be something wrong with the internal speaker. You can try a Base Station reset to reboot the system, which might bring the Voice Prompts back:
  1. Make sure that your system is currently disarmed.
  2. Remove the plug from the Base Station. That will reveal a screw right next to the power port.
  3. Using a Philips head screwdriver, remove that screw.
  4. Twist the Base Station's bottom section counter-clockwise, then pull away. You'll see the batteries inside.
  5. Remove just one of the batteries. Wait ten seconds, then reinsert it.
  6. Put the Base Station back together while the unit reboots.

But as Captain11 mentions, there's a chance that we might need to replace that Base Station entirely, which our Support team can do for you.

Which brings us to the even bigger issue: our Support team shouldn't be taking so long to answer! We do see in our records that you were able to get hold of them earlier today. If they were unable to help, let us know here and we'll set up a call with one of our senior Specialists.

- Johnny M.
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