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Sunday, December 4th, 2022 5:42 PM

Serious flaw in arming procedure: should not be able to arm if critical sensor is open

It seems that SS allows us to arm the system if a sensor is open.  After reading the comments, it seems that the SS staff monitoring the forum believe this is a desirable feature.  This is wrong, in my opinion.

I believe that the universally accepted behavior in the industry is that the system should not arm if a sensor is open.  The keypad and base station should alert that a sensor is open, and STOP arming.  If SS wishes to maintain its current practice, then it can always offer the user the option to override the open sensor and then restart the arming process. 

Arming with an open sensor, even with an alert, especially a buried alert that may only appear on a phone in the bottom of a pocket or a purse, must never be the default.

The current system is is particularly flawed because if a sensor is open, and the keypad is viewed, but then the user accidentally dismisses it with a right hand X-press instead of exiting with a left hand arrow-press, the alert for that open sensor is gone forever, and now the system can be armed with an open sensor and no alert.

I believe that arming should follow the following sequence:

  • select HOME or AWAY
  • poll the sensors to see if they are all closed
  • if any sensors are open STOP
    • User now closes the forgotten door or window.  Start over.
    • or User sets the open sensor to bypass or ignore. Start over.
  • If all sensors are closed, ALERT that all is secure and proceed to arm as HOME or AWAY.
  • countdown, during which time a sensor may be open (because you are leaving through a door).
  • if all non-bypassed sensors are closed after countdown, all is secure
  • if a sensor now becomes open, then alert,  countdown, and if not canceled, then siren.

This is all done in software, so may I respectfully suggest that if I can write it in out 10 minutes you can  program it in a few hours and test it for a few weeks, then roll it out as an update.  We know the implementation is easily done because all the other alarm companies do it this way.  

Please implement it.

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11 months ago

Definitely a deal breaker. If I’m heading out, armed the house via SS keypad and SS system pad does NOT tell me (WARNINGS) the back bedroom windows and back door are open, then this is a useless security system. I’m not interested and returning my SS system back to the store. Total waste of my time installing the system. It’s a basic and important feature to have. Major issue if your able to armed your home with the windows and doors are opened. Not a smart system but dangerous one. Might as well the leave front door open. Good luck 

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