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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 2:46 PM

Passing on a system to a tenant

Hello, I am having the same struggle. I am so incredibly frustrated with Simplisafe at this time. I have loved them for the last 3 years, but have recently spent 3+ hours on the phone trying to get my email address and phone number off my previous Simplisafe system since I am renting out my house and my tenant is using the Simplisafe. I bought a new one for my current home and haven't been able to set it up because I am stuck on the old account. My tenant has spent 2.5 hours on the phone trying to get it sorted out and we get no where. Today I got hung up on by the representative that I talked to. She had suggested that I just leave my phone number on the account and turn off notifications. If there was an emergency at the rental, it would just be ignored since my info is still associated with it. I recommend Simplisafe to everyone, but these last few interactions are changing my mind. Not to mention, I'm paying a monthly subscription and can't even set up my personal Simplisafe since I am still on the other. The representative said that I need to create a new email address to set up my system which is also crazy since I already have an account with Simplisafe!

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2 months ago

@kdiettert​ it's very likely that the previous poster you're responding is talking about a very different issue that has already been resolved. So I created a new thread for us to troubleshoot your situation.

If you want to pass on a system to a new owner, we usually recommend that you cancel monitoring service on your account. That frees up the system to be activated on a totally new account that is not connected to yours. And that means the tenant will have full control of their own system, but they won't have access to any other system that you own, your payment history, and other account info.

Separately, if you're setting up a second system for yourself, you'll want to go into the SimpliSafe app, hit the three-bar ≡ Menu icon, and select Install a New System.

Looking into your account, I'm not sure that the correct process was followed. So I've requested a call from a senior agent so we can get your account sorted properly!

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