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Monday, March 20th, 2023 11:00 AM

Is the app only for paid plans - SOLVED!

​Just bought the system and installing now. Downloaded the app as suggested. I don’t want a paid plan. This page suggests I should click “decline free trial” but that option is not available ​


​Which means I can’t do anything with the app (iphone or web) except view live camera feed. I can’t see or add new devices or change any settings​

​Is that correct? The app now is only for paid plans? So I need to use the keypad for everything?​

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1 year ago

Solved. There is more functionality. The “decline free trial” option was missing in all apps. I called support (to activate a paid plan) but told them I did not want the paid plan, just the free version. They advised me - eventually -  to add a ‘ghost’ external camera device. Once I had done this, all the available options in the app became available. Weird!

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1 year ago

Should defer to SS3 users, but my understanding is the app does have functionality beyond cameras if connected to WiFi. Of course, provided that's true you'd first have to get far enough along in setup to get the WiFi established.

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