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Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 4:38 PM


individual account login on the app for each person in the family

Can each person login into the mobile app with their own account or do we have to share the same login credentials on all our phones?

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Multi-User Accounts

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1 year ago

Unfortunately, at this time, you will need to login with the same account/e-mail address. No account permissions or other e-mail addresses/accounts can be added to a single Simplisafe account. However, you can, and will want to, configure two-factor for your Simplisafe account, which can use multiple phone numbers (a cell phone number for each user that will need to login and share that Simplisafe account).

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@Steelick​ how do you setup multi-factor authentication for more than one number?

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@TheRealLeoH on a SimpliSafe app that is already logged in, you can navigate to Menu > Manage Account > Multi-Factor Authentication, and add your second phone number there.

The next time you're asked to log in, and after entering your username and password, you'll see one of your phone numbers. Hit the > to select other numbers registered to your account.

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@Steelick​ Wow, this is really disappointing. I'm missing my Ring already... 

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@Steelick​ yeah just bought this and that is a huge disappointment. The product is IoT leading home security - but then the account management is not. That would be REALLY cool to see on a roadmap? 

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11 months ago

Hey Simplisafe, sorry to say but you're at least 10 years behind the standard on this.

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10 months ago

I have the same issue with this.  I bought this for a small business and several people open and close.  To be able to have each of us have an app that we can log in and authenticate is a basic need.  

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10 months ago

How dissapointing that SimpliSafe doesn't alllow different credentials for different users. I sure hope they address this.

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10 months ago

This is a huge disappointment for me as well.  I have SimpliSafe at 2 homes and 2 businesses.  I can either use the same login for all 4, not an option that makes sense since I need give other people access to my account for the offices.

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@kirkc​ Hopefully with all the money they are making at SimpliSafe they should be able to get the software team to make this happen. 

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