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Thursday, November 9th, 2023 5:58 PM

How to change a sensor

I just received a new sensor to replace a defective one.  How do I use the keypad to remove the old serial number and enter the new one.



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7 months ago

Here is a link with step by steop instructions to remove a sensor from the system via the keypad.  To install the new one, recommend you use your phone app.  You just can't change serial numbers but have to remove then add the new sensor.

Ooops. Guess my post would be a bit more helpful if I remembered to include the link I mentioned.  That's why its good to have a professional around like Emily!


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7 months ago

@rmarin2006 You can follow the steps listed in this Help Center article to remove the old sensor from your system. Then, you can add your new sensor to your system by following these steps.

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