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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 2:36 PM


How long does it take Simplisafe to fix it's website?

Just switching home insurance companies, I needed a monitoroing certiicate to get my discount of $416 dollars. Went to my trusty Pixel 6a and got "No interent" when I clicked on the download button. Jumped from Chrome to Firefox, no dice. Same message.

Got home, fired up my Win10 computer, same result on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Called SS support, got a customer service rep in seconds after hitting the appropriate prompt # and got my certificate via email within a minute. Awesome customer service: lousy website. I asked the rep to  report the website issue and said he defintiely would. 1/2 day has gone by, just tried again, still broken.  Yeah, SS will read this post but then it should be fixed even quicker. Tick tock, SS, tick tock. Your web team should be testing the site in real time and avoid issues like this.  Will try again mid day. Support your support team by having a fully working website....and if not for them, your customers.

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9 months ago

Hi Captain,

The website, and particularly the webapp, is a complex and sophisticated system. So it's not just a matter of changing up some code and publishing immediately. That being said, it helps that I was able to replicate your issue, so we're a little closer to at least figuring out the cause. I've let our dev team know, and we'll get this fixed up soon.

In the meantime, our Support team is able to email you a certificate from our end. Was the agent able to do that for you already?



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@davey_d​ Thanks for the reply. As stated in my post, your customer service team did an outstanding job for me yesterday evening and I had the monitoroing certificate in less than a minute. Applause.

Now the bad part: customers are not supposed to test your website. At my former company of 20+ years, IT monitored error logs mutliple times a day and proactively identified and addressed the issue. Also, being a medical device company and having to meed strict FDA requirements, I can assure you the systems were very complex, sophisticated etc etc. My polite way of saying no matter how "complex and sophisticated" the Simplisafe site and back office systems are, no excuse. Should be fixed in hours, not days. Period. Sure hope the alarm and montiroing systems are better monitored. :-)

Update: Here we are less than three hours later, 3:25PM Central and viola;  the down of certificate button works like a charm. A sincere thank you to Davey and the SS web team that made this happen.  That is what I call a customer oriented action of a customer oriented company! Again, thank you.


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