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Friday, July 28th, 2023 12:33 PM

Apple HomeKit & Matter Standard Support

Dear Simplisafe Management and Development,

It is a market differentiator for products such as a home alarm system to integrate with the market's most popular consumer home automation platforms (Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home).

I see this subject was discussed in a different thread, but is not allowing me to upvote the subject. Please allow me to +1 this request.

A few of Simpliesafe's competitors have chosen the Matter Standard for this market differentiator and compatibility feature. With the volume of customers on both Apple, Amazon, and Google Home, it's logical to select a single model that achieves cross-compatibility. 

The goal of the standard is to make all smart home devices interoperable. That means if you buy a product emblazoned with the Matter logo, you can use it with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, or any other ecosystem that meets the standard.

Note: I am not affiliated with the Matter Standard in any way. I am a premium Simplisafe subscriber that favors the Simplisafe brand, and would like to see your team succeed.

Currently: I cannot use my Simplisafe Base Station & Alarm System with Apple Home (aka Siri). I would like to possess this capability, as it is an active inconvenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Community Admin


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2 months ago

Hi @cd8749, 

You should certainly be able to upvote this thread in the Community. I would ensure that you're logged in and try again. Thank you for your suggestion regarding HomeKit and Matter integration. These features have been submitted to our devs - if we hear any news, we'll provide an update in this thread.

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1 month ago

Emily has confirmed that the rumors are true in a separate thread. SimpliSafe will continue to stand by its belief integration with other formats and foreign entities are not in its scope. 

Reports indicated SimpliSafe’s resistance against integration with other big manufacturers primarily target the industries effort towards open dialog between other security providers and shareable format standards. For example, Google, Amazon and Apple continues to advance those programs with both the willful and support of those open standards and entities.

SimpliSafe has raised concerns about the widespread presence of inter-operability of multiple brands and their involvement in developing activities. These other companies engage in proliferation related activities that promote inter-operability between each other so the end consumer can enjoy a multitude of options at their choosing. Google, Amazon and Apple’s  activities include sharing apps across platforms like Roku, Firestick, Blink and Nest to name a few.

These companies are disrupting close to 15% of SimpliSafe’s client base, mostly in the United States, as consumers flee to more cross-platform friendly security systems. 

In the light of these recent developments, SimpliSafe recognize and implement strategies to maintain a position as a top tier service, which are to be implemented the SimpliSafe team. SimpliSafe has also adopted a policy to resist cross-platform collaboration, data export controls, and other restrictive measures for entities, and activities linked to cross-platform promotion and proliferation.

It has been reported that SimpliSafe aims to tighten control and oversight within their respective organization and to advance their own security interests in preserving data and video feeds.

The bottom line? Do not expect SimpliSafe to integrate with other platforms as the security standards as set forth by management verifiably prevent such activities. 

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@brastifard​ it is true that we are deliberately being very cautious when it comes to opening up to third parties, because we place the utmost priority in keeping our customers' data secure and private. But I wouldn't say that we're resistant to the idea of integration as a whole. We are after all a participant in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which is building the aforementioned Matter standard, so we can help shape the future.

For any further developments on Matter integration, you can follow this thread.

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@davey_d​ part of the reason I bought my SimpliSafe system a few years back was because the announcement of the next generation said it would eventually work with Apple HomeKit, and after all these years of waiting, I’ve realized it was obviously a lie - just like the lie I was given a couple years back when I asked about it and was told “very soon”. 

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29 days ago

Couldn’t agree more with this post. I understand implementation takes time and research, along with much consideration; that being said, for over a year I have been googling this exact topic, and I’m very grateful that someone started this thread and worded it so well. 

For me, it would be a massive relief and provide me with a great sense of security if I were able to have my Simplisafe account connected with my Apple HomeKit. Personally, I’ve decided to purchase additional cameras on top of my Simplisafe cameras so that way I have access to camera footage inside of my HomeKit app. Ultimately, I know that was my decision, but it would have been nice if Simplisafe could have had matter compatibility so I could have avoided making that extra purchase in the first place. 

I’ll continue to hope that more people speak up on this so it’s more evident that a lot of people are looking for this feature.

To the Simplisafe team, I understand that more work and research needs to be put into this in order to make it happen, but if there is any way you can make this a reality, myself and so many others would be beyond grateful. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 



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25 days ago


But I wouldn't say that we're resistant to the idea of integration as a whole.

You have to admit that your track record so far screams, "We are extremely resistant to the idea of integration as a whole!". You even have a support article called "Does SimpliSafe integrate with other smart home devices?" that shows just how little you integrate with other systems. In summary:

- You can use Google Home or Alexa to turn the alarm on, but not off, and ask which mode (home or away) the system is in.

- You all support August Smart Locks. (And though it's not stated, you don't support any other hardware and your hardware doesn't work with any other services or vendors.)

That's it. End of list. Full stop.

I allow that things could change with Matter but it's a hard sell for you to convince us you're not resistant to integrating with other systems. And by hard I mean nigh impossible but I'm eager to hear you try. :)

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This is really annoying. I am literally in the market for a new system right now. I am done with Brinks. Hated the system, and it got insanely expensive. Anyway, I really want SimpliSafe, but I am now hesitant because I really want a system that works with HomeKit.

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What would be very helpful here is a more complete response from the SimpliSafe folks as to why the company is resisting adopting standard integration patterns and methods. If it is truly a customer privacy issue (which I’m suspicious of because business decisions are never this one sided) then it would be nice to understand what the concerns exist. Are the risks being properly weighted against value to customers? And why wouldn’t supporting the protocol with the option for a customer to use (clearly stating the risks) be a more appropriate approach? I’ve learned a long time ago, through personal experience, that strong corporate positions that buck market momentum without clear rationale to customers can lead to damaging business results. As I read this and other threads I see a lot of marketing and PR language consistent with community boards. I don’t see transparency and clarity with more technical explanations as to why this is not plausible or advisable for the SimpliSafe’s customer base. Answering a questions with responses like, the company will log the request and let customers know if anything changes, isn’t enough considering this type of integration and compatibility are common place and expected in any modern home security application and/or service. This is not novel technology being asked about. SimpliSafe leadership, please consider a more fulsome response. Sincerely a perplexed, well-informed and cautiously shopping SimpliSafe customer. 

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@timmersw​ I would also be really interested in why they don’t think Matter or HomeKit offer the right level of privacy. HomeKit at this point is notorious for being so closed off that it can be hard to work with. 

I’d be more willing to bet that if the data was transmitted locally over HomeKit that SS wouldn’t have as much consumer info to leverage as a value add for would be investors or acquirers.

In any case - whatever. My next security system purchase will be weighed heavily towards a system that has interoperability as a feature. 


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4 days ago

I am heavily invested in the Homekit ecosystem and purchase the best kit I can for each category, such as lights, plugs, etc. SimpliSafe is now an outlier and suffers from a self-imposed handicap as it does not work with HomeKIt. Your average consumer does not know what Matter is or Thread, etc. However, by not implementing this standard and making it a reality for your products to work seamlessly with Homekit, you are allowing your competitors to move into your area and steal your market share. People want the least resistance to move to an integrated system.  If you are not careful, people will move to a system that provides that and once done, they will not come back due to the investment they have made. This could be your Kodak and Blockbuster moment if you are not careful........

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