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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 4:58 AM


How to turn on monitoring remotely



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8 months ago

@DANF Not sure what you are asking, possibly how to sign up for monitoring? Call support and ask for assistance, using the indefied prompt for new monitoroing. Already have monitoring? You can use your smart phone or keyfob to arm system or turn it off. Again, questions, call support.

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8 months ago

Hi @DANF ,

@captain11 is on the right track. If you're asking about how to activate your system, we do recommend that you do that while onsite, so you can go through the testing of your equipment to make sure everything is working properly. But you can get started on the activation process right from the SimpliSafe app on iOS or Android.

Activating your system allows you to set up Monitoring Service, as well as app controls for your system, notifications, and more!

If you're having trouble, or would like to be guided through the process, our Support team can help.

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