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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 9:12 PM

Where is best location to install motion detector that frisky/climbing cat won't set it off?

How far away does the detector need to be mounted to prevent cat setting it off? We had it mounted above door but suspect cat got on nearby table getting her too close to sensor.

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3 years ago

Hi @doug14,

Motion Sensors can be a little tricky to get set up properly with cats in the home as there's no way to know for sure if they will trigger it until you've given it some time. Something that may help in your situation would be the sensitivity switch. Located on the rear of the Motion Sensor directly above the battery is a small black switch. If you set that to the Low setting on the left that should reduce the range that it would see humans in from about 30' for the middle setting to about 15'. Since cats are smaller than humans, they would have to get even closer to the Motion Sensor to trigger it.

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3 years ago

@doug14 a very timely posting as our daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter are coming in tomorrow...with their two cats.  On their last visit I put all of my first floor motions to "secret alert only" and then let the cats do their worse. After 4 nights it was clear sailing with no motions tripped. Moved one and put the rest on low sensitivity.  Suggest you try the same and go 10-14 days. If not trips, change to alarm..

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3 years ago

I couldn't have them at all when we still had our beloved kittie.  Now we have them but do still have them at secret as they can be temperamental even without pets.
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