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Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 8:40 AM

Indoor camera

The indoor camera is powered and is connected to the network same as the base station which is working fine. However, the indoor camera continues to show offline no matter what. Can you help resolve this issue please? Thanks. 



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4 months ago

@smruthiravindran Your post doesn't state if the camera is the older Simplicam or the newer Smart Alarm Camera. You should call support directly, troubleshoot, and work through it. Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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4 months ago

Hi @smruthiravindran, 

Performing a reset on your indoor camera can help it refresh its connection to your network. We offer 2 indoor cameras - I'm not quite sure which one you have so I'm linking two different Help Center articles that list out the steps to reset each indoor camera below:

I would also recommend using the Connection Check tool in the SimpliSafe mobile app. This tool will scan the camera's connection to your network and provide steps to improve it. We list out the steps on how to use the Connection Check tool in this Help Center article.

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