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Tuesday, July 25th, 2023 2:49 AM

Emergency response

I have entry and motion sensors—will they automatically signal an emergency response when triggered? Or do I have to connect those sensors with the police in my neighborhood? Wondering if setting up/positioning my sensors was sufficient or if there is another step I missed. 



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1 year ago

@irrelephant16 First, welcome to the SS community. A lot of very nice people here to assist.  Based on your question posted, I do politely suggest you contact SS support, chose the setting up your system option, and work with an agent to review the setup of your system and how the overall monitoring and dispatch process works.

Make sure to ask and undertand features like "instant trigger", "layers of protection", the benefits of monitoroing, differences between professional monitoroing and "self monitoring", "video veficiation" and other aspects of your system and how it interacts with SS and the local police, fire and medical resources in your local area.

If you get a chance, please post your outcome here after the call.

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1 year ago

Hi @irrelephant16, 

When an Entry or Motion Sensor is triggered, our Monitoring Center is informed immediately. If you are subscribed to one of our professional monitoring plans - Fast Protect™ or Standard Monitoring - we will attempt to reach out to you or your Primary Contacts to let them know that an alarm is going off. When our Monitoring Center calls you, they will ask for your Safe Word, which is a word, phrase, or series of numbers you chose when activating your monitoring plan. The police will be dispatched if you ask them to do so, if no one picks up the phone when our Monitoring Center calls, or if the wrong Safe Word is given. You can learn more about what happens during the event of an alarm here.

If you are subscribed to our Self-Monitoring plan or your system is unmonitored, you will receive a push notification via the SimpliSafe app that an alarm has been triggered, but our Monitoring Center will not contact you. If the police need to be dispatched, you will need to reach out to them yourself. You can learn more about our monitoring service plans article in this Help Center.

If you’ve set up your devices and activated your system, you should be good to go! You won’t have to connect your sensors with the police in your area. As Captain11 said, you can always reach out to our Support team to ensure that your system is up and running properly, and to ask them any questions about the system live.

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