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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 4:54 PM

Best way to secure garage?

Apologies for the long post.

My current system is a keypad just inside the door from garage to house and we have no problem arming/disarming when we come and go.

I'm looking for the best (convenient) way to secure the garage, two car doors, one outside entry door, two windows.

The issue I want to avoid is coming home through car door and only having seconds (30,60, etc.) to disarm they system.  I don't always immediately go in the house and 3 kids in car seats takes a few minutes.

My initial idea is to add a keypad at the outside entry door, with an entry sensor on it and the windows.  With this setup the car door wouldn't set off the alarm, if I go in the house I can disarm and if I go out the garage entry door I can disarm.  However this leaves the two car doors monitored.

One solution I had was to add a motion sensor, but that doesn't solve the problem.  Thought about using a camera which through settings wouldn't alarm and only provide "post break in evidence".

I have searched for solutions that would integrate the car door open/close signal to arm/disarm the system, but have found none.

The other solution is to use the key fob to disarm before opening the car doors, however this opens us up to human error having to remember and form a habit.  I never use the fob, my wife only uses it as assurance that the system is armed when she leaves.

What are my options/solutions.  Thanks



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2 years ago

@RossP Wow, what a great post, great questions! Unfortunately, can't guarantee great answers, but here are mine nonetheless.

I have an entry ensor on each garage door. I started with using door hindges but stepped it up a bit using nylon holders specifically designed for SS entry sensors. Ordered them from Etsy, and they work great.  For home mode, they are set to instant trigger ane armed. Why? When we go to bed, we set the system to home and don't expect any visitors, period. As far as "away", it is set for secret alert only. Yeah, not ideal but best we can do right now.

We also have a motion sensor, same deal with the settings.  All work well even with temps down to single digits.

An outdoor camera covers the front of the garage doors. Hopfeully, SS is working on a solution for this and will release it soon.

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@captain11​ Thanks for the reply. Your solution would work for me 90% of the time. The other 10% being when I come home late from work and my wife has the system armed in HOME.  I suppose I could live with 10% and just keep it in mind. That or form a habit of keeping the fob next to garage door opener and pressing disarm every time before opening.

The ideal solution would be SS creating a setting to interface with garage door openers. But for now I will try your idea. Thanks again.

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