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Sunday, July 31st, 2022 7:03 PM

arming with open sensor

​Just came home and backdoor was open despite alarm having been armed Away. Realized the base station voice calls out an open sensor, but if you are arming Away outside the home, there doesn't seem to be any sort of alert or notification for trying to arm with a sensor open.​

​Am I missing anything or is this a gigantic gap in functionality? Thanks!​

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8 months ago

Hi @bententious ,

The Base Station does give a verbal warning for an open Entry Sensor, though of course it will allow the system to arm anyway. This is an intentional feature, in case you wanted to leave a window or door open on purpose.

However, if you have a Smart Lock set to lock behind you when the system is armed, you'll get a notification if it didn't lock successfully.

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@davey_d​ Hi Davey, I understand the base station gives an audible warning, but for arming AWAY most users would be arming from the app or a key fob as they back out of the driveway. Is there any way to be notified on the app or is this an enhancement request. 

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We are also hoping you will add noitification of open sensors. We have never heard the base station since we are outside of the house when arming.

Notificaitons of open sensors seems to be fairly common and a basic feature of most alarm systems. This will help home owners close all windows/doors prior to leaving, especially for an extended period of time. This is something that we may consider to change to a different service. Please make this a priorty. Thank you! 

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im not sure when alarm is on.?  The base unit (which I can barely hear ) , does not say when unit is armed.
I thought the base unit would turn red  when system is armed. ?

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7 months ago

there needs to be some warning when armed (home/away) with sensor open.

6 months ago

I just had this same experience. Terrible feature. Bad enough that I may switch to another system. 

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5 months ago

I have had three other systems.  All would not arm with an open door or window unless you did a "bypass" on the open sensor.  I believe the way SimpliSafe does this could actually be dangerous.  Please add a bypass feature. 

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4 months ago

All the contributors above are correct and the SS staff is wrong.  A system must never be allowed by the software to arm with an open sensor. If a window must be kept open its sensor should be disabled or an attribute of "non-critical" or "bypassed" should be created for it.

The system should POLL the sensors at the moment the user tries to arm the system, post an ALERT to all controllers (KP, website, phone app, base station) that the system is SECURE and ready to be armed, but it must STOP without proceeding to countdown if a sensor is open as a result of the poll just taken.  The user can correct or disable a sensor as desired, and start over.

Never assume that an open sensor is intentional.  The default should be that all non-disabled sensors must closed for the system to arm.


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4 months ago

I can’t arm the system   Does the base unit change from green to red when unit is armed ?  It I don’t hear that system is armed ??

please have one of your techs advise me

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3 months ago

It makes no sense for the system to still arm with an open window or door

why would somebody would want to arm a house leaving doors and windows open im seriously thinking i made a mistake switching from adt to this company

they need to change this 

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@malonnajera79@malonnajera79​ I find it so coincidental that I’m reading your post right now as I just noticed the same issue about 30 minutes ago and I thought to myself this is odd because what if it’s just not one entry sensor I.e. the door I’m exciting from but what if there’s another door open that I’m not aware of. I also tested it, and armed the system with an open door and the alarm remains off it does not get triggered unless I close and reopen the door

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@willpliss​ yea im not happy with this i might just go back to ADT 

im willing to loose money on the simplisafe equipment than leaving a door open and get my stuff stolen while the damn alarm is still on

will b alot more expensive 

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