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Video Doorbell Pro Notifications


The Video Doorbell Pro sends you two different types of notifications. You will receive a Doorbell Press notification when someone presses the button on your doorbell, and a Motion Detection notification when the camera registers motion. 

Customizing Motion Detection Notifications

The Motion Detection notifications you receive from your Video Doorbell are fully customizable. You can change the sensitivity of the doorbell’s motion sensor, choose between People Only and All Motion notifications, and use Activity Zones to ignore motion in specific areas of the camera’s view.

You can customize your Video Doorbell’s Motion Detection notifications by taking the following steps in the SimpliSafe® mobile app:

  1. Tap the “Cameras” icon at the bottom of the SimpliSafe® app

  2. Choose the gear icon in the upper right corner

  3. Select your Video Doorbell

  4. Tap the arrow button (>) next to “Motion Detection” 

  5. Toggle “Motion Notifications” on

  6. To change the sensitivity of the Video Doorbell’s motion sensor, navigate to “Sensitivity” and use the slide bar to choose between Low, Medium, or High

  7. To choose between “People Only” or “All Motion”, navigate to “Motion Type” and pick your desired setting 

  8. If there are any areas within your Video Doorbell’s view that you do not want to receive notifications for, go to “Activity Zones” and select the areas you do not want to be notified of* 

  9. Tap “Save” in the upper right corner to save your settings

Please note that Activity Zone selection only works during the day*

If your Video Doorbell’s notifications are on, but you are not receiving push notifications on your device, visit this article about troubleshooting push notifications for more help.