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My doorbell won't ring—do I need a Chime Connector?


The Chime Connector is an accessory that connects your Video Doorbell Pro to your doorbell so that it will chime when rung. Because this has to do with circuitry compatibility, not everyone will need a Chime Connector.

A Chime Connector may be necessary if:

  • The Video Doorbell Pro doesn’t ring your chime, but the live stream video and other features still work. You might also hear a constant buzzing sound from the chime.

  • The chime “only dings but does not dong” or has other unusual behavior.

To get a Chime Connector, please contact our Support team. If you already have one, visit our Chime Connector Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions on the installation process.

Please note that the Chime Connector is not compatible with wireless chimes.