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Why Can't I Receive Texts or Emails for My SimpliSafe® System?


The Keypad armed to Home Mode

Does your Keypad look like the one pictured to the left? Then you're in the right place! You've got the Gen 3 SimpliSafe® system. If you purchased a system in 2017 or earlier, you have the Original SimpliSafe®. Click here to view the article about the Original SimpliSafe®. If you're not certain which system you have, you can tell the difference here.

SimpliSafe® offers text, email, and push notification alerts to our Fast Protect™ (formerly Interactive Monitoring) subscribers. This article troubleshoots not receiving SMS or email messages. If you are interested in push notifications for your smartphone, please see our Why am I not receiving push notifications for my SimpliSafe® on my smartphone? article.


  1. Ensure you are subscribed to our Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings or Fast Protect™ (formerly Interactive Monitoring) monitoring plan.

    • You can see which monitoring plan you are subscribed to in the SimpliSafe® Mobile App by navigating to the three-bar menu on the top left corner of the screen > Plan & Billing > you will see your monitoring plan under “Your Plan”.

    • If you are not subscribed, please activate service through your online customer account or by contacting support.

      1. To learn more about activating your monitoring plan yourself, refer to our How do I Activate Monitoring? article.

  2. Check to ensure your system is working.

    • Do you see events showing up on your Timeline (i.e. “Test Signal Received”, etc.) on either your mobile app or the web app?  

    • If not, please make sure your Base Station is receiving power, then put your system in Test Mode and check your Timeline again.

    • If you don’t see an event about test mode, please contact support to further troubleshoot.

  3. Check to ensure your alerts are set up correctly.

    • In the mobile app, navigate to: the “My System” gear on the bottom of the screen > Alerts & Notifications > tap the type of alert you're checking, Email or SMS.

    • Ensure the correct phone number or email address is listed, and that there is no red Verify button—if there is, click the verify button and resend the code. Then type that code into the confirmation box.

If you’re still not receiving alerts

Some wireless carriers will by default disable your phone's ability to receive text messages sent by email. Verizon and AT&T users can enable email texts right on their online accounts. Other wireless providers require you to call in for customer support and request that you can receive SMS messages sent to your phone's SMS email address.

For Verizon:

  1. Go to Your Account's Spam Controls and log into your account when prompted.

  2. On the bottom of this screen, there is a button labeled "Block all text messages sent from email" that you'll just need to deselect.

  3. That's it!

For AT&T:

  1. Go to Your Account's Messaging Controls and log into your account when prompted.

  2. Navigate to your spam control and ensure you have selected the ability to receive email text messages.

It is also possible that the text short code we use has been blocked. We list out the steps to unblock that code in our Why Am I No Longer Receiving Alarm Texts? article.

If you are still having trouble receiving SMS texts or emails, please contact customer support. We’ll be happy to help!