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Motion Sensor Gen 2 Not Detecting Motion


If your Motion Sensor Gen 2 is not detecting motion, it’s likely the result of the placement of the Sensor itself. 

We recommend mounting the Motion Sensor Gen 2 in the corner of your room. For optimal performance, the sensor must be mounted 6 feet from the ground. This ensures proper coverage throughout the room. The Motion Sensor Gen 2 has a 90-degree field of view, and can see outwards 35 feet. You can also mount the Motion Sensor Gen 2 to a flat wall. If opting for this, note that the Sensor will only capture the 90 degrees out from its center, meaning that 45 degrees on either side will not be captured. 

If you are placing the Motion Sensor Gen 2 on a flat surface rather than mounting it, we recommend having it as close to the edge of the surface as possible.

Once you have made any changes to your Motion Sensor Gen 2, you can then begin to test the sensor. 

  1. Use your Keypad to place the system into Test Mode

    1. Tap the Menu Button

    2. Enter your PIN

    3. Use the arrow keys to scroll until Test Mode is highlighted

  2. Arm your system to AWAY mode and leave the room during the exit delay

    1. Pro-tip, bring your Keypad with you for the next steps

  3. After the exit delay has counted down and the system is armed, wait 2-3 minutes and then enter the room

    1. You should begin to hear your system count down for the entry delay. You can now disarm your system using your Keypad.

If you did not hear the entry delay trigger and waited 2-3 minutes before re-entering the room, please contact support for additional troubleshooting.