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Motion Sensor Gen 2 Installation Guide


Motion Sensors are always on the lookout for uninvited guests. They can detect motion within 35 feet, with a 90-degree field of view. The Motion Sensor Gen 2 also has Pet Mode to distinguish between people and pets. 

Before Getting Started

You’ll need to install your Base Station prior to getting started. 

If you plan on wall mounting your Motion Sensor Gen 2 with the included hardware, you’ll want to also have a Phillips head screwdriver available.

Having trouble connecting your Motion Sensor Gen 2 to your system?

The Motion Sensor Gen 2 requires the latest Base Station firmware in order to be added. You can check for updates using the following steps:

  1. Using your Keypad, press Menu

  2. Enter your Master PIN

  3. Choose System Settings

  4. Select Check for Updates

  5. Run any available updates before proceeding with the installation. If no updates are available, you may install your Motion Sensor Gen 2

Watch the video below for a hands-on experience from our team of experts for the installation process.

Use the guided flow below for an interactive, step-by-step experience that will help you through the installation process