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Testing the Keypad


Test Mode is a great way to test the connection between your Base Station and other SimpliSafe® products. We recommend periodically placing your system into Test Mode to ensure that your devices are still communicating with the Base Station without any errors. 

Placing Your System Into Test Mode

  1. Disarm your system by pressing OFF on the Keypad

  2. Press the Menu button on your Keypad

  3. Enter your Primary PIN

  4. Scroll until Test Mode is highlighted

  5. Use the right arrow key to enter Test Mode

You’ll know you are in Test Mode when you see a circle on the Keypad appear with the text, “Test each device by pressing its button”.

Note: If you subscribe to monitoring, you will receive a robo call from the monitoring center asking you to confirm you placed your system into Test Mode. If you do not answer – no worries! A voicemail will be left to alert you to the system test, and it will not result in a request for dispatch.

Testing the Keypad

To test the Keypad you can press any button on it such as Off, Home, or Away. If the test was successful the Base Station will say, “Keypad”. 

You can also test the Panic Button built into the Keypad by pressing and holding the red button at the top of the Keypad for 2 seconds. This will result in the Base Station stating, “Keypad” – but will not result in a request for dispatch.

Troubleshooting the Keypad

If you are testing your Keypad and do not hear the Base Station announce, “Keypad”, the first thing you’ll want to do is confirm you can hear the Base Station from the location you’re testing in. You can adjust the Base Station’s volume under the Base Station Settings menu, by selecting Voice Prompts.

As a next step, you’ll want to confirm that the Keypad batteries are functioning. The Keypad takes four (4) AA Alkaline batteries and has a life expectancy between 8-12 months depending on placement and usage.

If you are still unable to hear the Base Station announce, “Keypad” it’s possible that there could be an issue with the location of the Base Station, or there is Radio Frequency (RF) interference at play.

Other electronic devices within your home may communicate on similar frequencies, resulting in wireless interference between your SimpliSafe® devices. Because of this, we recommend keeping your Base Station and Keypad at least 3-5 feet away from the following devices:

  • Wi-Fi Routers

  • Large TVs

  • Weather Stations

  • Large Appliances (especially in the kitchen and laundry rooms)

  • Baby monitors

  • Remote Controlled Garage Door Openers

  • LED Lights or Christmas Lights

This above list is to give you an idea of what devices may cause interference within your home, and is in no means an exhaustive list of all devices. There may be other devices that output RF or Wi-Fi signals that could impede the connection between your Base Station and SimpliSafe® devices.