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Error: Wireless Interference Detected


What is Wireless Interference?

Your SimpliSafe® sensors and components communicate directly with the Base Station through a local wireless connection. Sometimes, signals from other wireless devices that communicate in similar frequencies can get in the way, and may even prevent your SimpliSafe® devices from communicating properly. As a precaution, your Base Station will announce “Wireless Interference Detected” and send a notification to warn you whenever it detects potential interference in the environment.

If you are subscribed to Fast Protect™ Monitoring (formerly Interactive Monitoring), you’ll also get a notification via the SimpliSafe® App. And if you are subscribed to a camera recording plan, your cameras will turn on and record briefly when interference is detected.

Most interference is not detrimental to the system's function and should resolve on its own. However, it is still important to identify potential sources of interference to prevent issues in the future.


You may be able to resolve the issue using the following steps:

1. SimpliSafe® sensors and components communicate at a lower frequency. This means that when it comes to potential sources of interference, you’re mostly looking for simpler devices, such as:

  • Remote controlled garage door openers

  • Some types of baby monitors and walkie-talkies

  • Wireless weather stations

  • LED lights or Christmas lights

  • Some types of smart switches and bulbs, and light dimmers

2. Start by looking for devices that were recently installed. But some devices might also be active only at certain times, so you may not notice them having an effect right away. For example, garage door openers are typically active only when in use, like when you’re coming home or are about to leave.

3. Once you have identified a potential cause of interference, try moving the Base Station away from them, to reduce their effect.

If the problem persists or you experience this frequently, please contact our customer support team. They can help you identify the source of the interference and/or adjust the threshold at which interference is detected.