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What if Someone is Forcing me to put in my PIN on the PIN Pad?


SimpliSafe® Security Systems are equipped to set up a duress PIN that you can enter if you are being forced to put in your system information. This PIN type is for emergencies and our monitoring team will request dispatch of emergency services immediately. You will not hear an alarm siren or get a phone call for your safety. 

Once created, a duress PIN can be inputted both into your Smart Lock or your system’s Keypad. When using it within the Smart Lock, it will unlock your door and disarm your system. When inputting it into the Keypad, it will disarm the system to fool potential intruders or threats.

Whether you enter the duress PIN in your Smart Lock or Keypad, our monitoring center will request immediate dispatch for police presence at the location of your system. 

It is worth noting that when you use a duress PIN, the Primary Contact will not receive any indication of the alarm event in progress. This means you will not receive an Alarm Text, phone call, or a push notification. However, Secondary Contacts will be notified once the monitoring center requests dispatch to your location. Secondary Contacts do not have the ability to cancel duress alarms.