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Friday, June 5th, 2020 5:50 PM

Siren offline not reporting

When a SIREN goes offline it correctly reports next day (after a 23 hour delay) on my kepad ("All-New Simplisafe System"); and, the website correctly shows an "alert"; however, the siren not responding event never shows up on my event timeline; and, therefore the failure event never sends me an email or SMS alert.

Simplisafe has replaced sirens & then the base station but the issue continues.  This issue does not occur with entry, motion, glassbreak, or water sensors.  Every device & sensor EXCEPT A SIREN correcty reports a failure by alert, message, & email.  Sirens remain an issue.



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4 years ago

That's odd, and I've never had mine go off-line, so can't say for certain if it should report, but I assume that it should.  And, you should be getting a text alert for any sensor that goes offline.  Call SS and discuss this with them.

An off-line sensor happens usually because it can't ping the base station due to distance to the base station or some interference (like a wall, metal objects, appliances, etc) - so maybe move the base station another few inches or so toward the siren, or move the siren closer to the base station so that it's in "view" of the base at least.  Also, check the batteries in the siren - if the batteries are relatively new and fresh, try taking them out and putting them back in (sometimes just re-seating a battery in any sensors can get it back online if you know the batteries are still good).  If you're uncertain about the freshness of the batteries, change them.  Still, call SS to troubleshoot why you didn't get alerts for the siren going off-line.

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Thanks for your reply.  If you get a chance could you try taking one of your sirens offline (remove a battery) and see if you get same result?

My Sirens are new (replaced by Simplisafe), batteries are new, and sirens are placed right near Basestation for test.  Within 23 hours of removing a battery from Siren I get Alert on Keypads and on refreshed website that Siren is offline and not responding.  That event still never hits the Events Log and therefore never generates an email or SMS warning.  A similar test (taking device offline) for any other device I've tested (except Siren) always goes to Events Log & sends email & SMS alerts.

So far I have had no success in connecting with a Simplisafe support person who is senior enough to understand & want to do more than simply keep replacing sirens and/or Basestation.  They never call me back when I ask for someone who is senior enough to get to the root of the issue.  I suspect the issue may be software related.

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This is exactly what happens with my door locks from time to time.  "Warning.  Side door smart lock is not responding.  Warning.  Front door smart lock is not responding.  Warning.  Garage door smart lock is not responding."  The locks still work fine, there are no message on the keypad, and I never see any error messages or notification in the timeline on the app.  They sent me a new base station a few weeks ago and I haven't done anything with it yet because I really really really don't want to set all 30+ sensors up again.

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You should not need to re-setup your sensors again.  The new Basestation will find them.  You can speed up the process by going into testmode and pressing the transmit button on each sensor; or, I found that all my sensors were found & communicating within about 90 minutes after adding the replacement Basestation.  You will need to go back and re-select instant trigger for any sensors for which you want that feature enabled.

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2 years ago

My system says my siren is offline - and shows a serial number - but I dont have a separate siren - just the base station.  

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I have the exact same problem. It’s a new siren that Simpli Safe sent me with new batteries and after two months all of a sudden it says again that it’s off-line.

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@juliealexandra​ when a component is showing as "Offline", it could be for any reason that the component is failing to send a signal to the Base Station.

Having dead batteries is one possibility. But it could also be that the signal is having trouble passing through physical obstructions. For example, if there's a dense wall or any heavy appliances between your Base Station and your Siren.

To test, I suggest moving your Wireless Siren into the same room as your Base Station, and testing the communication using Test Mode.

If you see the Sensor Restored message in your Timeline, then the issue is probably that physical interference. You'll then have to consider everything in between the Base Station and where the Siren was located, and maybe move either component so that the obstruction is no longer in the way.

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