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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 2:07 PM

Entry point announcement

Does this system announce what entry point is being activated? 
For example: my neighbor has 3 small children and their ADT system will announce: “back door open” when that sensor is activated. 
This seems like an important feature if you are trying to keep track of young kids. 
Also, in a larger house, it would be useful to know what door or window sensor is activated. 

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7 months ago

Hi @jjlytle,


Right now no. Our designers opted to keep it simple, so when a door or window is opened, you just hear a simple chime. But this is a very popular request. We'll keep you updated if the feature is added to the system.

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1 month ago

Are you supposed to get a cleared or a closed indication when the window or door is closed or do you just get entry door opened and no indication when it’s closed

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Hi @rwstaab​, 

The Entry Sensor does not chime when it is closed like it does when it is opened. However, the light on the Entry Sensor will flash twice when it is closed. 



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8 days ago

For the love of everything, out of all the wonderful things simplisafe has to offer this is the one and only thing I care about, I just want to hear beep, front door. It does it during test mode so it's in there so let's make this happen. 

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