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Thursday, November 1st, 2018 5:24 PM


Need the ability to add more PINs

We are currently using our SimpliSafe system at a storage building and have need of about 8 separate people with access to the alarm functions. At this time we are limited to the master PIN plus 4 additional. Having the ability to add more PINs would allow us to much more accurately track who accesses the system and when. As of this time I'm having to just have people share PINs which is certainly not ideal.

While I can see the limits for a home use, selling the system as business-friendly with limited PINs is troubling.

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More pins please

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6 years ago

Many home users have complained about the limited number of PINs, too.

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6 years ago

Yes, I need more pins

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5 years ago

Yes. My shop has a similar situation where I need additional pins for employees.
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