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Saturday, February 11th, 2023 12:13 PM

Keypad Out of Range

Just had brand new out of the box Simplisafe security system and the keypad is faulty. Keypad successfully  pairs to the base station but it doesn’t connect at all. Screen flashes keypad out of range and intermittently connects with the base station. Called help desk, went all the troubleshooting process, tried to send keypad firmware update but no success. After 2 hours, they concluded keypad is indeed faulty. And they will send a replacement.

Simplisafe needs to look at this issue. I have seen previous reports like this. Must be a quality issue.

I would give this guys another chance and if the replacement keypad fails and if other system fails, without hesitation I will return the whole system.

How can I rely with this system if it already fails during setup?



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1 year ago

@jbwalder After SS2 and SS3 over the past 10+ years, in that time I had to replace 2 keypads. Done promptly and not given a hard time, yes it is frustrating but I can tell you from experience I had more than that replaced when I was an ADT customer (never again, btw).

Some other actions you can take: 1, try new batteries. Sometimes SS units will ship and that will be the culprit. Tell SS and they will ship you a new set for use at a later date.  2. The signal to the base may not be that strong.  Try moving the keypad to another location temporarily and see if you have the same issue.  If you do, yep, probably the base does need to be replaced. If not, then put your keypad back in the original location and try moving the base.  Please note there are no electornics near the base or the keypad itself.

Good luck and please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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1 year ago

Hi @jbwalder, 

The "Keypad Out of Range" error appears if your device can't communicate to your Base Station. Captain provides some great troubleshooting steps to fix this issue. We have have some steps to remedy this error in our Help Center.

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@emily_s​ Thanks. I went all through the troubleshooting steps with the support team and none of it worked. Now I got the replacement keypad and it worked.

will be returning this faulty keypad. 

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1 year ago

Update: Got the replacement keypad and it worked 100% fine! I set it up with the same base station position and range when I tried to set up the faulty keypad.

conclusion: Keypad is indeed faulty. 

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1 year ago

Glad you got it fixed, sometimes things are faulty but they will replace. 

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