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Monday, December 31st, 2018 12:34 AM


Four additional PIN's are not enough

Just found out today that you can only have four additional PINs.

When talking to the support person he hung up on me when I told him that limiting the system to four was asinine!

I use the master.  The GF, best friend, brother and cleaning person have the other four.  Tried to add another one for someone who is watching the house for us. Can't!

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More pins please

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5 years ago

I have commented on this topic before (NOT in a positive manner).  I agree four seems to be an unreasonable number of PINs.  With that,,for your situation, I just need to stir the pot and ask: if you need someone to watch your house while you are gone, does that imply the GF, best friend, brother are not "in the area" also?  You could change one of these three, assuming the cleaning crew will be working while you are gone, for "someone" and then change it back for the person you "borrowed" it from.



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5 years ago

^  I was thinking the same thing - or give two the same PIN, the ones most trustworthy and that are both near your home in the event they need to be.

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5 years ago

Why can't you, gf and brother share the same pin?
In all the years I've had alarm systems, my family members have always shared a pin. Not so long ago there were no options beyond a single PIN number.
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