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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 7:38 PM

Does SimpliSafe Not See Certain Questions?

I am a bit unhappy with SimpliSafe's current handling of forum questions (and answers). The picking and choosing is frustrating (or that is what it seems like to me). SimpliSafe, if you miss posts or essential topics are pushed, please do something that does not allow that to occur so frequently. I feel like I am back in 2014 when customers were left to answer questions for each other.


simplisafe_admin posted this topic yesterday at 7:00 AM – I never saw it until today, only after another forum member made a post regarding the same issue, and somebody merged it. I scanned four pages today, and the forum already lost it to SimpliSpace. Important topics should never get lost due to new posts.


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Community Admin


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11 months ago

Hi @shiherlis, 

The Community Admins work as diligently as possible to ensure that all questions are answered thoroughly and promptly. Sometimes, we have to connect with our internal teams to make sure that we provide proper information, which can make our response time longer. We want to give proper attention to each question, and prioritize the right answer over a fast one.

Please be assured that any important account changes will always be communicated to our users directly via email.

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