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Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 11:05 PM

Can't Disarm the System

I just got off the phone with customer service - we have a system that is armed and i cannot disarm it (i need to let a contractor into the house). I'm told that someone will have to go into our house to manually reset the base station by unplugging it and disassembling the battery - then put it all back together. All started when i "updated" the base station at the request of Simplisafe.

We are traveling, and there IS NO ONE that i can send into my house to do this!

What a ridiculous situation to be put into!  Come on people! did you not anticipate this happeneing? Now what am i supposed to do?

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3 months ago

Hi @burkheadbob18, 

Yes, to troubleshoot the Base Station and reset it, you do need to physically be with the device itself. Did you receive any error message when you tried to disarm your system? As long as the Base Station is connected to Wi-Fi or its cellular backup, you should be able to disarm it.

You can also set up a Custom PIN for the contractor. This will allow them to arm and disarm the system so they can get into the house, but it won't let them change any system settings. Custom PINs can be created and deleted as needed, so once the contractor is done with their work you can delete this PIN from your system. You can learn more about Custom PINs and how to set one up using the SimpliSafe mobile app over in this Help Center article.

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3 months ago

i do appreciate the response but it misses the issue. I was prompted to update the system by a Simplisafe reminder. I did so (remotely of course). AFTER that, I could not disarm. At a critical time when I needed to orchestrate a visit from a skilled contractor to come in briefly before he started work.

I really don't see why the issue is politely ignored (with not even an apology or commitment to do more than NOTHING). Is it too much to ask that Simplisafe take ownership of a basic flaw in the design of the base station? - the situation where someone must physically be there to unplug the battery seems pretty archaic to me. If the company has ANY thoughts on improving things, here is hard point that ought to be communicated to your design folks!

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