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Saturday, January 15th, 2022 4:06 AM


Amazon Integration - crap

Does anyone here have Philips Hue (smart) lights ???

If you do....could you imagine having to pay a monthly subscription for each light so that it will work with Alexa 😨

Well at SimpliSafe, not only do they require a subscription, but even if you do not need all of the capabilities...you still have to purchase the most expensive subscription plan so that the SimpliSafe hub will work with Alexa

The majority of smart devices, after their purchase price...have NO other follow-on costs

If anyone think this policy is total BS (money grubbing)... please chime in... I'm sure SimpliSafe would like to hear from you...

Especially after you paid for all of the SimpliSafe devices 

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2 years ago

Honestly, im on the same page here. When I buy a Dyson, I dont expect to pay +5 dollars more on the service. Honestly, I recently moved away from my family home which was already utilizing Eufy in our home. Since I wasnt going to be away forever, I figured Id try simplisafe. 

My takeaways:

* Google Integration*

- Eufy: you didnt have to pay for integration. Easy to link - 

- Simplisafe: I have to pay monthly just to CONNECT. 

* Storage*

- Eufy: Free local storage and motion detection recording at $319 for the system with two cameras

- Simplisafe: for a base system with two cameras, you would need to pay $397 and pay extra for recording motion detection. 


- Eufy: if another sensor is triggered, I can have my camera record asap.

- Simplisafe: any additional sensor will not interact with cameras. Youre made to rely on the monitoring services since you cant record on your own. 


- Simplisafe: I recently had my building maintenance come by my apartment and enter my apartment without me knowing while my system was set to away. I was on a 2 day trip away from home and MY APP DID NOT NOTIFY ME.

I only found out that there was someone who came in after my apartments management called me. If you think the alarm deters... It does... for maybe 8 mins max before it stops. At that time, any potential thief could just come back 😮‍💨

Honestly, im trashing this thing as soon as I move back. 


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2 years ago

For the people wondering how GREAT the customer support is. This is during their office hours on the weekday. 😮‍💨🙃
I just cant. This system has broken down more times than my Eufy System (which I had for 2.5 years) in the span of 1 month. I feel like a fool 🤡


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@ahlexrull​ I'm so sorry for that experience. It looks like there might have been a technical issue with that interaction, and I'm forwarding this feedback to our Live Chat team.

But since we left you hanging, I'm also requesting a call from one of our Specialists. Hopefully we'll get you taken care of at last.


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2 years ago

Yep 🤮

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2 years ago

SimpliSafe began their monthly monitoring service back in February 2022. I was having trouble getting the base to work with my wi-fi and would fool around with it off and on. They emailed me that my monitoring was to begin (late Jan 2022) when I plugged in the base. I was NOT ready for any monitoring. I have an email from them saying they would not charge me until my system was totally functional yet they immediately started billing. They charged me for 10 months of monitoring when there were no devices hooked up. My system was fully functional in Nov 2022. My husband paid each month thinking I was happy with the system. They offered 3 free months as a token. I said no thanks. I'm packing it all up and sending it back and I will eat the monthly monitoring and the cost of the system.

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