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Monday, December 19th, 2022 2:12 PM

Paid for Monitoring before I was ready

SimpliSafe began their monthly monitoring service back in February 2022. I was having trouble getting the base to work with my wi-fi and would fool around with it off and on. They emailed me that my monitoring was to begin (late Jan 2022) when I plugged in the base. I was NOT ready for any monitoring. I have an email from them saying they would not charge me until my system was totally functional yet they immediately started billing. They charged me for 10 months of monitoring when there were no devices hooked up. My system was fully functional in Nov 2022. My husband paid each month thinking I was happy with the system. They offered 3 free months as a token. I said no thanks. I'm packing it all up and sending it back and I will eat the monthly monitoring and the cost of the system.

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So sorry to hear about your situation. Yes, we do have a pre-activation process, where if you add your information into the app before you receive your system, the service can activate immediately as soon as your Base Station was plugged in for the first time. You do get the first month for free - e.g. you should not have been charged that first 30 days from that day in January, and the next actual charge would be in late February (or even March, depending on how late in the month you started).

Apologies also for the trouble you had with getting your system connected to your home's WiFi. Of course, the Base Station does have its own built-in cellular connection that links with the cell network in your neighborhood. So assuming that there was reception in the area, your system would have already been fully monitored at that point.

But we understand the frustration with the miscommunication. I've taken the liberty of setting up a call from a senior specialist who will take care of you.

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