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Saturday, June 6th, 2020 3:09 PM


Additional PINS

It seems like still having only four guest PINs today is way too limiting. Most devices offer way more. For example, my August Lock Keypad supports 256 PINs.

I don't even have enough to cover my family and our housekeeper. This should be a software-only change that should be reasonable to add.


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More pins please



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4 years ago

It may be a software change, in which case they might do it, or they might not.  It may also require a hardware change, and they are highly unlikely to do it, in this model at least.  And it would require a change to the app and the online dashboard. in either case.

That is their original design, and so far they have been unwilling to deviate much from that design.  Don't hold your breath,  and if it is a deal-breaker, see if there is another system out there which will meet your needs.
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