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Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 9:13 PM

Water sensors - Experience with them in a crawl space?

I just had my crawl space encapsulated.  The contractor put 2 of the sensors down there that will start screaming if there is water..... To disengage them you have to crawl under and flip them or something.  I think I would rather try the ones that Simplisafe offer.... this way if were not home or my wife is home alone (which she is not able to crawl under there) I could get an alert via Simplisafe instead.  Any issues or gotchas with using these in an encapsulated crawl space before I buy a few?

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4 years ago

No. I have a few in my attic to warn me of the roof leaking.

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4 years ago

Note that they are not rated for outdoors use.  Not that this means they won't work, but they may act weird at extremes of temperature, and the battery life may suffer.
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