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Friday, July 17th, 2020 1:34 PM

Temperature sensor for freezer

You should add temperature sensors for use in freezers to alert to high temperatures.  You could base it on the design of the La Crosse Mobile Alerts sensors.

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4 years ago

They have this in SS3.  Unfortunately, you MUST have both a high temp  and a low temp set, and the lowest you can set it to is 0.  Every freezer I have dips below zero on occasion, so I can't use the sensor for that.

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7 months ago

I have a freeze sensor,  I don’t think it works because it always says th e temp is 70 degrees even when the house is at 50.

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Then you have a faulty sensor. I have several in my house, garage and even 1 under my house in the crawlspace and they are all reasonably accurate for the spaces they're in. (I'm reading 60 degrees in my crawlspace as I type this and 71 upstairs.)  The one time I tested one in the refrigerator it also reflected an accurate temperature for the space though the housing of the refrigerator obviously drastically cut down on the range.

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@weinstei​ When was the last time you refreshed your SimpliSafe mobile app? The Temperature Sensor shows a reading from the last time the app was refreshed, so you'll want to refresh your app by pulling down on the screen or by tapping the 🔄 icon to get the Temperature Sensor's latest reading. 

If your app has recently been refreshed and the Temperature Sensor is still showing an incorrect reading, then there may be an issue with your sensor as Worthing mentioned. I would then recommend reaching out to our Support team, as we may need to replace that sensor.

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5 months ago

I agree you should add Temperature sensors for freezers to your line of products. You already have Temperature sensors, just change the range to be between -20F to +15F.

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@dj2oys​ We have forwarded this request to our dev team for their consideration. Once we hear more from them, we will post an update over in this thread!

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@dj2oys​, second on this. Please add the ability to alert for temperatures below 0. I am using the temperature sensor in my freezer which works well except for when the temp dips below 0. 

3 months ago

I could put one of these in my fridge.  Chances are if the freezer has an issue, so will the fridge.

Unfortunately, when I get my stand-alone freezer, this sensor will not work, I will need to get another kind of audible alarm, but it won't be monitored.


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