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Sunday, August 1st, 2021 4:35 AM

Smoke detector false alarms

I have a smoke detector that has false alarmed twice in the last week and once a year ago. Simplisafe is sending a replacement but i want to know what to do until the replacement arrives. Do I need to remove the battery so it does not alarm again or what?

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3 years ago

Hi chsop2u,

First, just in case it was missed during your call with our Support team, the most common cause for Smoke Detector false alarms is that particles are getting into the detection chamber. This means smoke, of course, but it could also be steam and moisture, or dust. That's why we recommend periodically cleaning your unit with a vacuum cleaner around the grill.

But if we're sure that the unit itself is non behaving correctly, then yes, you can remove the battery to shut it down. You'll also want to remove the sensor from your alarm system's list by going through the Devices section of the Keypad Menu.

- Johnny M.
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