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Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 3:30 AM

Panasonic battery for smoke alarm. Seriously?

I put an Energizer battery in my smoke alarm 1 week ago and it is already beeping. Yes, I know you recommend Panasonic but I went to Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Walgreens, and Batteries Plus- none of whom carry any Panasonic batteries. And no, I will not order online because porch pirates are bad in my area and I do not wish to pay for something that will get stolen from my front porch. If the smoke detector is not going to work with a battery that can be found in a store then you should perhaps let people know that they will not be able to find a battery in stores. Or maybe. just maybe, make sure it works with a battery that can be found in a store. Imagine, making your customers a priority. How much money is or has changed hands between the Panasonic company and Simplisafe?



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4 years ago

@ciphene call SS and get it replaced at nc. Its a defective sensor. I have six smoke sensors and all work fine with Duracells.



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4 years ago

Note that any CR123 battery will operate the smoke detector.  The requirement for Panasonic is from UL, who tested the smoke detector with the Panasonic battery.  Any change (like a different brand battery) invalidates the UL listing.  It's a "legal" requirement, not a functional one.

If porch piracy is a problem in your area, why not install a security package receptacle.  Or arrange to send it someplace secure where you can pick it up.  I get the Panasonics for $1.50 each online, and I can't get any CR123 that cheap locally.  Fortunately, porch piracy is not a big thing here.  Or perhaps it's all the cameras I have watching the front door.

4 years ago

make sure you have the detector clicked into place, sounds like the tamper switch isn't pressed

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4 years ago

In uk its duracell and same smoke detector so it doesnt need to be panasonic
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