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Thursday, February 9th, 2023 9:42 PM

Smartlock for lock mounted on the right

I've tried to install the smart lock on a door with the lock mounted on the right (i.e. turn lever clockwise to lock), but the Simplisafe smart lock only turns counter-clockwise to lock. My lock requires the red D adapter and I cannot get the sharp point to point upwards and away from the door. It points downward by default. There is nothing on the box or written in the specs that the lock can only be installed on door locks mounted on the left (i.e. turn counter-clockwise to lock), so I'm wondering if this is a calibration issue or a feature limitation? I've contacted tech support twice and they claim that the smart lock can only turn clockwise to lock, but pictures on the Simplisafe website show the smart lock installed on locks mounted on the right.

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1 year ago

Hi @ChristianC, 

The Smart Lock is ambidextrous, it can lock either way. When installing the Smart Lock, the calibration step determines which position is "closed". We have a video in our Help Center showing how you can install your Smart Lock. If you are receiving any calibration errors, or need to re-calibrate it, the steps are listed out in our Help Center here

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1 year ago

Thanks Emily, I've got the lock to work now. It was installed on a door with a lock on the left previously and it was still trying to turn counter-clockwise to lock until I re-calibrated it. I am surprised I could not get this resolved with Tech Support twice!


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