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Sunday, February 26th, 2023 1:22 AM

?s: considering using smart lock for small retail store entry door

Brand new to SS, not yet purchased but familiar with security systems and spoke to SS tech support.
Your opinion/experience ... want to use Smart lock sequentially as designed as part of security sys, BUT also as described below to just be able to lock and unlock dead bolt withOUT arming or disarming system.

1) Tech support indicated that I should be able to "include/exclude" the Smart Lock myself in <5 minutes, true?

Why do I want this? Small store sells fairly high priced small items and is fairly common with such that a potential customer would be "buzzed in or out" after I simply visually see then thru the glass entry door. So during biz hours I'd like device to seem be a remote unlock/lock device.

2) Am I correct that for person coming in, I'd need to "click" to unlock, and then once they enetered and door had realigned "click" to lock? (Versus any setting that it'd unlock for 45 seconds and automatically relock.)

3) I had read forum post from 7 months ago of very frustrated long time user (


) who had just got Smartlock and with two Kwikset deadbolts neither would align with Smart Lock mechanism. I will be replacing existing commercial deadbolt on typical single door on metal frame. Any advice on brands (Shlage?? or ____) whose factory thumb screw alignment works with Smart Lock.

Thanks for cutting my learning curve; as I often have found with other things, a clear headed and active forum adds enormous value to a mfg's product. I look forward to being in the trenches with all of you and contributing my comments or solutions based on exp.

P.S. Just saw the search feature and will look for answers myself but appreciate all response to above.

Edit 20 minutes after OP: Given the problems reported in this thread (https://support.simplisafe.com/conversations/smart-lock/door-lock-not-manually-unlocking-when-locked-using-the-app/6190c6858ea41ebb0624372c) of several users not being able to "manually over ride" the Smart Lock even it had been properly calibrated I have huge concern about this being a viable solution for my use case. For me there might 30-40 unlock/lock sequences per day, not the perhaps 4 or 5 of a more typical use and not sure that the device would continue to function well over time (or need? monthly testing and recalibrating). While I hope that other parts of SS will work for me, the Smart Lock might not.

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1 year ago

Hi @edmalpern ,

Thanks for checking us out! You might have already seen from your searching through the Community that the Smart Lock is really designed more for home use, and may not be ideal for your situation. But it's possible to make it work!

For your first question - I'm not sure quite what you mean by include/exclude. But you can definitely lock and unlock remotely, without having to arm or disarm the system. And with a SimpliCam Indoor Camera or a Wireless Outdoor Camera, you'll be able to get notifications when someone is at the door - and even speak with them through 2-way communication - before you unlock.

An Auto-Lock feature is available, but you will also want to have an Entry Sensor on that door - which is how the system knows that the door is closed, and safe to lock. You can set a delay between 30s, 1m, or 5m.

On the third point, unfortunately we do not have a comprehensive list of compatible deadbolts. The Smart Lock is designed for a majority of single-cylinder deadbolt models - the type where one side is a keyhole, and the other is a thumbturn. Based on what we've seen in the Community, there are some Kwikset brand models that won't work - though some do.

And as for what we're calling the Smart Lock being 'jammed' - my understanding is that it happens when the Smart Lock is unable to determine the correct locked or unlocked position. We often suggest a re-calibration, which can be done through the settings. And if that doesn't work, the unit may need to be replaced.

Our engineers are also continuing work on the firmware side to improve performance.

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