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Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 2:48 PM

Deadbolt gets stuck

Occasionally the deadbolt knob will not turn open by hand after I disarm. It has never failed to open when coming home but when trying to open it from the inside it sticks. This seems like a fire hazard to me. If you turn it back to locked direction (even though it doesnt move at all) and then retry to open it usually works. Anyone else have this problem? The bolt is absolutely NOT touching the door goin in or out. There is plenty of space and no friction whatsoever. It is definitely an internal issue.


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4 years ago

I've experienced the lock binding like this at least 4 times in the two months that I've had the lock installed. Three of the four times have left me locked out of the house where even my key doesn't work because the mechanics of the lock have bound up the cylinder. During these events, the system panics and says it  can't communicate with the lock. I didn't plan on getting locked out of my house when I purchased this lock. If it keeps happening, I'll send in a real complaint.

2 months ago

This happened to me too, I will try that to see if it works. Usually, I have to turn it really hard and it makes kind of an electronic grinding noise. I own an Airbnb and I don’t wanna hear this Complaint on their website

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@tony_blackstar​ If you haven't already, I would recommend resetting the Smart Lock by following the steps from this guide in our Help Center. It can also help to recalibrate the Smart Lock to help it remember the correct locked/unlocked positions. This article in the Help Center will show you how to re-calibrate the Smart Lock using either the SimpliSafe mobile app or Keypad.

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