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Saturday, February 15th, 2020 5:56 PM

Alarm keypad to lock/unlock Smart Lock?

Has anyone figured out what keys you can hit to lock, and then to unlock, a Smartlock from the main keypad?

We have the lock on a door close to the keypad.  We have the external keypad for the lock on the other side of the door, and it has a Lock button, convenient if you go outside, want to lock the door, but not arm the system.

We often open the door, toss something in the trash, then close the door.  We don't want to arm or disarm the system, and of course we can turn the deadbolt manually.  But it would be great if you could hit a key combination on the main alarm keypad to lock or unlock a Smart Lock.  Of course it would have to be unique to that Smart Lock in case you had two of them.

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4 years ago

I don't believe you can control the lock from the keypad but, if you have interactive monitoring, you can do it from your phone in the Dashboard.

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4 years ago

Yes, I know that.  But when I'm disarming the system, it would be great to simply hit a key combination on the pad and have the lock unlock.  Picking up my phone, opening the app, hitting the button - easier to simply turn the deadbolt by hand.

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4 years ago

You can configure the door lock to automatically lock after your door is closed.  You do need to have an entry sensor on the door.

As far as unlocking from the inside, you have to turn the knob.

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9 months ago

I was wondering the same. If we lock the front door via the pad but come in through the garage we cannot unlock the front door without doing it through the app.  This is a huge safety hazard especially if there was ever a fire and children needed to get out. 

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@bethany1026​ The Smart Lock can be manually unlocked by turning the thumbturn. This was a safety feature put into place so that if anyone is inside your home, they can get out without needing the app.

If you cannot manually unlock your Smart Lock, that means it needs to be calibrated. We list out the steps to calibrate your Smart Lock in this Help Center article.

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That's actually not the case.  I've calibrated and recalibrated both of the locks that I have.  If the locks get set by the app or the system, they cannot be unlocked by hand from inside or out without potentially breaking the plastic nub that is in the housing.  If the automatic locking does not engage, then the locks can be engaged or disengaged by hand with ease.

I've been told that this is something that is in the works, but nothing yet.

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@cosbywood​ your experience is definitely not the norm. Since you've already tried recalibrating (i.e. re-adjusting your Smart Lock to physically work with your door), the next possibility is a hardware fault. It sounds like you've already been working with our Support team, but the next step would be a replacement unit if you haven't tried that already.

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