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Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 2:49 AM


Camera and Notification Delays 10/16/23

Thank you to everyone who reported this on the Community.  We experienced an issue starting late Monday evening which impacted camera livestreaming and recordings, and delayed notifications for both cameras and Smart Locks. Alarm monitoring and dispatch, and other app functionality were not affected.

As of now, you should no longer be having trouble with camera livestreaming, recording, or motion notifications related to last night’s issue. If you’re still having trouble, please contact our Support team for further assistance.

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9 months ago

I keep getting alerts that my camera isn't responding. However, it records and turns on just fine every time I enter or choose to peak in from my phone 

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Almost the same, i just got the updates on all my outdoor cameras and now the app is going nuts and keep getting notifications from a camera but it doesnotsay what camera and nothing wants to show up.

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@dlpsr​ yea it's on there end and I have one camera that's going nuts but also it's not saying what camera on the time line and I am noticing all notifications are coming in very slow as we armed it on home mode 20 min ago and just now got the notifications lol. This is why I sometimes hate getting updates lol.

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@dlpsr​ looks like things are all fixed except I am constantly getting in my notifications about firmware on base station has been updated and I get at least 3 a day but I'm not getting any updates lol. These bugs are tricky to get out hahahaha

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@lance843​ As we've discovered, not really. If the cameras weren't the bulk of the cost, I'd trash them and move on. My $20 cameras work 100% more consistently, and they have some bugs too. At least they're disposable at that cost.

I'm a former programmer, among other things, I'm familiar with 🪲🐛 s.

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9 months ago

Not only am I getting delayed notifications for “motion” detected with two outdoor cameras but I also can’t see the recording playback video so I’m not even sure if there was any motion or if the devices are bugging out. This is really annoying and stressful as you can imagine. Thinking of returning all my SimpliSafe for something else that is more reliable. 

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Happy for them as a business they are working on it. But this is horrible for the customers safety. I’m now getting motion notifications when there’s literally no motion. I can’t stay up all night stressing to check out the notifications, but I also have a newborn. Security products with this type of issue should not be on the market. I now turned off motion detection on the camera so it’s now useless. 

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9 months ago

Big dittos on phantom motion alerts AND it wont say what camera.  Am so frigging fed up with the lag/delay with outdoor cameras, and when I have called on it, they never said a word about there is an issue with it.

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9 months ago

On October 16th SimpliSafe suffered an outage with their system.  I noticed it around 5:46PM PDT when all of my indoor cameras privacy shutters opened and the blue light started blinking.  Indicating that video was being recorded. I wait 2 minutes before pulling the power on all of my cameras, sometime after that my phone became flooded with camera motion detection notifications.  Just like folks on the below Reddit posts:

The only communication I am aware by SimpliSafe, was a banner on their site October 16th indicating an known issue with video streaming and notifications.  Nothing was posted on their social media accounts.

My questions to SimpliSafe:
1. Why did my indoor cameras turn on and start recording video during this 'outage'!?
2. What work has been done, or is scheduled to ensure my indoor cameras do not remotely turn on again without action on my part.
3. What work is being done to report outages in a transparent way through the multiple online social media accounts that SimpliSafe operates?

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