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Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 11:13 PM

Someone ordered a system with my email and now I can't cancel

I started getting email alerts that my order was being shipped......but I never made an order. I ignored the first messages as spam (they were from a third-party shipping company, and not SS). After the third such message, I became concerned, checked my passwords for a previous SS account (I did not have one nor have I ever) and checked my Credit Card for charges - there were none.

I created a new SS account with the email address in question (that I own), was forced to add my CC info (not cool, SS), and aha! now I can see an order placed to an address across the country that I have no affiliation with whatsoever.

I've attempted to call support and was told by the rep (after a VERY long wait) that she would call me back with more info about this security flaw in the workflow that allows someone to use an email address they don't own to buy product. She never called me back.

It looks like the system was ordered through Verizon (based on the line item of the order) and so I can only assume Verizon (and perhaps other vendors) aren't vetting email address ownership before affiliating an order with it? That is absurd.

Now, I can't close or cancel this account, customer support is entirely confused as to how this can happen, can't remove my credit card (something about the account not being activated even though I am staring at it on the website, including the order that I never placed), and am stuck wondering what this other person across the country can do with my CC attached to this account. HELP!

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2 years ago

Hi @tb11111 ,

If I understand this right, your situation is that you did not purchase a SimpliSafe system, and technically did not have an intention of being a customer. But someone seems to have signed up with your email address.

You don't have to tell us here what your email address is, but is it your name? If so, I suspect that someone with a similar name might have just typed in your email address by accident. You are right that we should really verify our users' email addresses, but at that point, none of your own info had been compromised, and you weren't on the hook for anything - it's more of a (admittedly very serious) problem for that other customer.

But then when you logged in, you were accidentally taken through the initial setup process and pre-activation of Monitoring Service. So we'd have to figure out cancellation as well.

I did attempt to look up your email address in our system and couldn't find a customer record. So it's possible that our Support team has already been in touch with you to get this resolved. But if not, let me know and we'll get this sorted for you.




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2 years ago

@tb11111 Did you recently order Verizon Home 5G Broadband? If so, you are getting a free SS3 system. To confirm, and get this sorted out, I would call SS, and explain briefly to the customer service rep (not support, make sure to use the correct prompt) you will need to speak to a supervisor and, if not available, get a call back. If you get the good old "sorry, none is available, can't do that etc", use the "I'll hold, thank you".  If (and probably) disconnected, call back, relate how you were disconnected, repeat. I use this only when needed with companies and historically have hit 3 times before I get connected to a supervisor. Hopefully, such time will not have to be invested here.

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@captain11​ No, I am not a Verizon customer. This is another person with the same name (and similar email) across the country from me. The issue is on Verizon's side. They neglect to verify emails and put my email in their system instead of their customer's email. This is the root of the entire issue.

Finally, SS was able to remove my credit card info from this account, and I just received an email alert that my "acount email changed" which means that they've now hijacked "my" account and given it to the other individual.

What a strange set of happenings. I sure hope you all get this insanity figured out...


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