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Monday, March 23rd, 2020 1:35 PM

Restocking Fee

Restocking fee not mentioned anywhere in Simplisafe information. I ordered a Simplisafe system for a new residence I was in process of buying. The purchase did not happen so I returned system. Credit was issued timely minus a restocking fee I suppose. Could not find out from anyone that this was the deduction that was taken from my credit or any where it says there is a fee for returns.

I do not mind paying a restocking fee but would have thought it would be mentioned in return information. Trying to find out if this was the reason for the reduced credit was never answered. The communication or lack of made me think that maybe if i need a alarm system on next new residence it will not be Simplisafe.



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4 years ago

If there was a restocking fee, it is new.  Their return policy is, or at least used to be, return in 60 days (From ORDER, not receiving it)  and get free shipping back and a complete refund.  Call.  Find out what happened, and if you don't  like what you hear, ask for a supervisor.  Unless a restocking fee was mentioned up front, I'm thinking it can't be charged.

Just for grins, I went to the main page and found this:  
"Try It. Test It. Love It or Return It.
Test SimpliSafe in your home for
60 days. Your system arrives ready
to work. No drilling or tools
needed. If you aren't 100%
satisfied, return it for a full refund
(we'll even pay return shipping)."

"Full refund" means no restocking fee.  If they won't refund the full amount, contest it with your credit card company.  For that matter, if they try to pull the "ordered, not received" card, point to "in your home for 60 days".
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