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Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 7:37 PM

Problems right out of the gate

Edit: After only about a 20-minute wait, I got through to CS and the gentleman on the phone is assisting me. We'll see how it goes, but I will say he's listening, professional, and the wait time was much shorter than I expected, and I wanted to update that here. I'm leaving my original post intact for others who come along with perhaps some of the same problems. Thanks!

I just placed my order for a system a little while ago, and suddenly everything has gone wrong.

When I made my website account before ordering, I changed the email address I had originally used, and placed my order some time afterwards. Only when I had clicked "order" later on did I see that at the top of the page, above the shipping address, that old email address was *still* being used. I changed that address a hundred times before I placed that order, logged out, cleared the cache, logged in again, and it reflected on the first part of the order but not on the second part of the process. What is going on here?

Now I haven't received any order confirmation at either address, and I can't get into my account at all. I log in and I'm immediately hit with the activation page and the phone app is acting like I've already set up the system.  I haven't even received an order confirmation and I'm already being asked for activation info and whatnot?

When I fill out the information for the location being protected - a new apartment I'm in the process of moving to - it accepts it and then when I click enter on the last page it sends me right back to the first page asking for exactly the same information. I've been on hold for almost 20 minutes, nobody is responding to me on Twitter, and I'm about to call my credit card and have the whole order canceled as a scam.

How the heck do you manage to run a business like this? I haven't even been a customer for an hour and Ive lost all confidence in your ability to provide security.

I need someone to help me sort this out immediately. This is ridiculous and frustrating. Come on, now.

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3 years ago

Hi JollyMoo,

Apologies for the hiccups with getting started with us. Sounds like what happened was that you've edited the email on your account, but the order in our records still had your other email address. Our Support team can fix that up pretty quick.
Since your forum account is linked to your customer account, I can see that we might already have!

The second issue, however, might take a bit more investigation. It could be anything from your internet browser blocking our website's code, to your Monitoring account being configured incorrectly. If the agent you're speaking with is unable to get this resolved, let me know here and I can request a call from a specialist to get it figured out.


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